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Enjoy artisan coffee and beverages from a coffee trailer that comes to you.

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If you are looking for someone to cater coffee at your next event look no further. We do corporate events, conferences, school functions, sporting events, movie sets, parties, festivals, fundraisers, weddings and much more!

Please send us an email at goatbeancoffee@gmail.com for any catering requests. We look forward to serving you very soon!

Do you know the birth story of coffee? We are biased, but we think it is great!

The legend goes that coffee was first discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi. Kaldi noticed that his goats would become energetic after eating berries from a particular bush and would not sleep at night. Not able to contain his curiosity any longer, he shared his newfound knowledge with the local monastery. Intrigued, the priests decided to brew the berries and make a drink. No surprise to most modern-day persons, the beverage they made and consumed kept them alert and attentive during their long prayers. Knowledge of the berries and their then mysterious caffeinating powers would spread east and then worldwide.

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