Mission Statement:

To serve great coffee and
products in spaces where
community and individuals
can aspire and thrive. 

Company Slogan:

“Aspire for Better” because
we believe in the individual
and collective human desire
to want and experience better.

Vision Statement:

To make Goat & Bean
synonymous with great
coffee, wellness, possibility,
and community.

A story that’s been brewing for over 20 years

Goat & Bean Coffee, LLC came to life 2022 but like all good stories, the seed was planted over 20 years ago in Ethiopia.  

My name is Betel and one of my favorite memory as a child is when my father took me along with him to a coffee shop in Ethiopia. My young mind was in awe as I observed the different people in the café and enjoyed the atmosphere and my drink. Little did I know that even 20 years later, that one visit to that coffee shop with my father would greatly define my love for coffee and coffee shops. 

When I was a child, my family moved to the United States. My father Tilahun, aspired for a better life for his family, so he took a chance and applied for the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV) to come to the United States. To his surprise he won the lottery, and my family was given the opportunity to make a once in a life leap of faith to move hundreds of miles away to pursue a better life. My family took that leap of faith and ended up leaving all that we knew in hopes for better. Unfortunately, my father passed away shortly after moving to the United States. Although he didn’t get an opportunity to experience the better he dreamt for himself and his family, he was able to create a path for his family to do so. He couldn’t fulfill the better he had envisioned but he was able to pass the baton to his family. After 20 years of dreaming and aspiring my mother and I are taking another leap of faith; enters Goat & Bean Coffee.

Our Values

We value and serve others.

We understand the power of our presence.

We are active participants in the move towards better. 

We choose to live fully alive by being present and curious about life.

We honor each other and ourselves with open and clear communication.

We are good stewards of what is given to us. 

We enjoy finding new ways to serve others. 

We love to laugh out loud. 

We create welcoming spaces.

We don’t comprise quality for convenience. 

Our social cause is mental health because a free mind is an unstoppable mind

Goat & Bean believe that aspiring for better starts with getting our minds better. We want to help those curious about what a life of mental and emotional freedom would look like by providing an avenue for them to pursue their journey of better.

According to Mental Health America, over 27 million adults, over half of the adults with a mental illness, do not receive treatment and live untreated. Furthermore, the percentage of adults with a mental illness who report an unmet need for treatment has increased annually since 2011.

With financial barriers affecting access to treatment, Goat and Bean has created a Therapy Fund to provide financial assistance to lower-and-middle-income individuals, minority ethnic and racial groups, and immigrants and refugees seeking treatment through therapy.

The story behind our name

The company’s name Goat & Bean is an intentional way to pay homage to our cultural background and to coffee’s birthplace, Ethiopia. The legend of coffee is that it was first discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi. Kaldi noticed that his goats would become particularly energetic after eating berries from a particular tree and could not sleep at night. He shared his newfound curiosity with the local monastery. Intrigued, the priests decided to make a drink with the berries. No surprise to modern-day persons, the beverage they made and consumed kept them alert and attentive during their long prayers. Knowledge of the berries and their then mysterious caffeinating powers would spread east and then worldwide.

At Goat & Bean we love the story of coffee because it reminds us of what is possible when we live present, ready to engage and explore the world. We are honored to be able to share the birth story of coffee and our culture with our community and the world.

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